Urban Gardens

For those of us lucky enough to have gardens in the city, they offer precious opportunity to retreat from the world, to relax and unwind. For many however, the proximity of neighbours or traffic can turn this potential oasis into a source of stress. Whilst we never recommend high fencing or planting all around the boundary, design strategies can be used to minimise problems with visual or sound intrusion. We use pergolas and structures to support climbing plants that act like net curtains, screening off areas that are overlooked. Much like four poster beds of the 17th and 18th centuries which were private spaces within the public space of a bedroom, a secluded private seating area can be created within even the most overlooked of gardens. Structures can also be used to hang string lights and awnings.

We use the sound of running water to help neutralise traffic or other undesirable noise from seating areas. There are many 'plug and play' water features on the market that simply need filling with water and plugging into an outdoor power supply for a no fuss solution with no construction needed.

We pay careful consideration to how the garden is viewed from the house. Designing a view from a window ensures that the garden works all through the year.