This BER A rated family home on Blacksod Bay in west Mayo takes its inspiration from local farms and the small courtyard enclosures they make. The house faces south to the sea that is a mere 30 metres away, the courtyard form provides shelter in a location where it is difficult to use planting. The dwelling's heavy stone walls anchor the building in its rugged setting and give protection against the severe weather. The form of this 450 sq. m house is broken down into modest forms that echo local farm holdings and fit the scale and pattern of this stretch of coast appropriately. This is a house for large family gatherings with the kitchen at the heart of the house. In the Winter the two storey block can be closed off for the immediate family while in Summer the house expands for the many visitors. Access from the courtyard and circulation through the house are orientated with constant reference to the views of the open sea, islands, beach - a two hundred degree panorama.
The materials selected mirror the qualities of this quiet secluded site and were chosen to weather and age, sandstone, limed oak, zinc. The local Lacken sandstone is as hard as granite, has a warm variety of tone and brings continuity from exterior to interior. The rough drystone wall is refined by cut stone lintels and sills which lead to the use of a similar finish internally on both walls and floors. The design is a balance between openness to the light and views and a sense of protection from the extreme weather, storms can leave seaweed on the roof.