Conservation of older buildings is a core part of our practice. Restoring a building is something of a journey of discovery which also gives the pleasure of fixing. A lot of our work with older buildings is adapting them for contemporary family use and making them warmer and dryer. Protected structures often have tricky planning or fire constraints and there is often considerable research required before projects can begin, choice of contractors and specialists is critical and these are processes we enjoy and we can provide a full range of services and advice through to completion:

  • Historic reports. 
  • Damp proofing.
  • Structural changes. 
  • Repointing. 
  • Restoration of joinery. 
  • Restoration of historic flooring. 
  • Lime render and plaster. 
  • Lath and plaster repair. 
  • Window restoration. 
  • Efficient heating.
  • Renewable energy in historic houses. 
  • Pinning of ceilings. 
  • Restoration of plaster mouldings. 
  • Stone repair and cleaning. 
  • Lighting strategies. Garden restoration. 
  • Disabled access. 
  • Communications and security measures.

RIAI Accredited in Conservation