Bloom 2018 Gold Medal ‘DLR An Exercise in Sustainability’ 

Designed by Nicola Haines and Ruairí Ó Dulaing of DLR Parks, Foreman Neill Molloy DLR.    This garden highlights the challenge for parks to balance protection of the environment with a human need for outside space. Fernhill has been recently acquired by DLRCC and will provide much-needed parkland for the local community. The park includes a unique collection of spring flowering ericaceous plants and is teeming with wildlife. DLRCC has a rigorous sustainability plan for the garden which keeps areas protected from disturbance, while offering alternative spaces for visitors to engage with this special place. The show garden is an interpretation of the sustainability aims for Fernhill. A reclaimed birch-clad wall creates a divide between protected and active parts of the garden. Breaks in the wall encourage glimpses into the protected landscape. The wall breaks down to reveal a woodland playground, half in, half out of the protected environment and a community garden, complete with wheelchair accessible raised bed.